Clothing and Sizing

I wear larger than the sizes you offer. Are you planning on expanding your size range?

Our own personal line, Domino Dollhouse, hopes to expand in the future to include a larger size range.  Unfortunately, with the other brands we carry, such as ChicStar, Steady, etc, we are unable to get larger sizes. 

I bought a XXL in one dress…will all XXLs fit me on your site?

Since we sell many manufacturers, it is important to pay specific attention to each individual products measurement specs.  One brand’s size may measure slightly different than another brand’s size. 

Why don't you have an overall size chart?

One of biggest challenges for plus size women is finding a good fit.  Since different cuts and brands can have vastly varied measurements, we think it's really important to be clear on each individual item what that piece's EXACT measurements are.  Please review EACH ITEM'S individual measurements before purchasing an garment.

The measurements seem weird...why aren't they consistent between the bust, waist and hips?

With most retailers, when they use one size chart, they have to give an approximation of what they would consider a 12, 14, etc. However, we know that EVERY garment is a COMPLETELY different size and cut.  For instance a full cut trapeze dress in a size small could fit and look great on girls up to 2X depending on the measurements.  It is important for us to measure the items at their maximum and minimum measurements at each point on the body so that our dolls can see if the items will work for her.

I'd like more measurements than what you have listed. Can you provide those?

Of course!  If you'd like shoulder, arm, length, neckline measurements, please email us and we'll be happy to get you that information.  The only items we may not be able to measure are the shoes, as we do not always have access to them.

Why does my item look a different color than it does on my monitor?

Due to differences in monitors, clothing can a look slightly different shade in person that it does on your screen.  Please consider this when you are purchasing items to match an existing piece in your wardrobe.

Why is there such a variety in pricing?

Seconded only to sizing, price is an major factor when deciding upon a purchase. We wanted to offer a range of prices so that we can have something for every budget.  It's also good when offering "pop" pieces to remember that not every customer can afford to spend $200+ on a unique fashion piece. This is why we offer lower priced items, as well as the pricier pieces to our dolls. This being said, the quality in items will vary, so please remember that different prices and manufacturers will have different qualities + sustainability. 

Do you re-stock items?

If an item sells quickly, we will attempt to re-stock it as quickly as possible.  However, since plus size clothing is in HIGH demand, it is very likely that once we sell out of a style: it won’t be able to be re-ordered. 

Where do you find your clothes?

We leave no stone unturned. Our clothing is imported from all over the world, ensuring that we’re carrying the most fabulous gear out there.  From large companies to independent seamstresses, we do not discriminate against any company who is happy to make hot plus size apparel!

Do you carry petite or “standard size clothing”?

Domino Dollhouse is a plus size only online retailer at this time.  We find it important to create a size positive space that caters to making our customers feel special and catered to, in an industry that normally excludes them.  We know that all women are deserving of fabulous threads, but we specialize in plus size only.  If you’d like suggestions of places to shop that are similar, please contact us and we will happy to recommend some shops for you!

What does Final Sale mean?

If an item is marked "Final Sale," this means that it cannot be returned. Store credit or a refund will not be issued for any returned "Final Sale" items.


Domino Dollhouse is highly sensitive to the privacy interests of consumers and believes that the protection of those interests is one of its most significant responsibilities. In acknowledgment of its obligations, Domino Dollhouse has adopted the following Privacy Policy applicable to information about consumers that it acquires in the course of its business. 

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