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Date added: 05/30/2015 Wednesday Dresses


Many dolls have asked us about our Wednesday Dresses, a customer favorite that never was officially re-released.  Truth be told, we have had construction issues with this piece and despite our best efforts, have been unable to permanently fix the problem.  The collars on the dress stand up and can be temporarily fixed with pins or double stick tape, but are not able to be fixed in a way to be sold as a repaired and up to par item.  At this point, we are stuck with the dresses and have been racking our brain with what to do.  So we would like to ask you: would you purchase these dresses at a severely lowered price, around $15-20?  They originally sold for $90. Please reply yes or no in the comments section.  We do have a new, improved style coming in late June/early July, for those that would prefer a higher end item.



09/04/2015, 06:26 PM

"I would totally rock this dress

09/02/2015, 03:32 AM

"Absolutely!!! I can totally stitch that collar into submission."

08/03/2015, 11:06 AM


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